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Това е много добра система за Minecraft сървър, изчистена, поддържана и има всичко необходимо за Minecraft сървър. На началната страница изкарва онлайн информация за сървъра. Има си собствена форум система, страница за гласуване, админ панел. Има специални Social секции за изкарване на публикации от Twitter, Facebook, YouTube и Google+ Има много различни стилове. Има опция за интеграция с MaxBans, LiteBans, BanManagement, BungeeAdminTools. Също разполага със опции за донейт и много други готини неща.
Пълен чейнчлог има в архивите.


За инсталация, просто качете файловете на хоста си и следвайте инсталатора.

[spoiler]NamelessMC 1.0.0
NamelessMC 1.0.1
NamelessMC 1.0.2
NamelessMC 1.0.3
NamelessMC 1.0.4
NamelessMC 1.0.5
NamelessMC 1.0.6
NamelessMC 1.0.7
NamelessMC 1.0.8
NamelessMC 1.0.9
NamelessMC 1.0.10
NamelessMC 1.0.11
NamelessMC 1.0.12
NamelessMC 1.0.13
NamelessMC 1.0.14
NamelessMC 1.0.15
NamelessMC 1.0.16[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Version 1.0.0
Template and theme system
Addon system
New "core modules"
Forum topic labels (not yet permission based, working on that)
Alerts system, including popup notifications upon user tagging or a new staff application
Small additions including page loading time and the ability to enable/disable...

Version 1.0.2
Update German translation (thanks to @manuelgu)
Fix issue with resetting passwords on servers running PHP < 5.5
Fix issue where UUID would return empty during...

Version 1.0.3
Add option to disable email verification
Alert user on application completion
View messages and alerts in navbar dropdown
Update Chart.js and registrations chart in AdminCP
Fix mailer "message body empty" error
Add TeamSpeak IP to voice server viewer

Version 1.0.4
Fix potential fatal error during installation
Start to fix JavaScript for CloudFlare (thanks to @computerwizjared)
Set last online date upon registration
Delete user's topics and posts on user deletion
Fix duplicate user in PM listing and PM view
Fix Donate page redirecting with a custom language
Fix error on post deletion
Fix Spanish translation

Version 1.0.5
Allow disabling Play and Forums
Add Slovak language
Add Norsk language
Add update notice to installer
Don't escape navbar item text
Prevent requiring pages outside the Nameless directory
Change input type submit to buttons
Display staff applications in wells

Version 1.0.6
Fix Vote page redirecting with a custom language
Add French language
Add Maintenance page
Add Dutch language
Add missing language support to 404 page and forum maintenance page
Change "Online" status on profiles from server status to forum status
Display Parent forums in table view
Allow cancelling new replies
Allow changing font colours in signatures
Update Spanish translation
Fix quoting posts containing apostrophes
Add missing translations...

Version 1.0.7
Fix null Group HTML error
Don't check if admin account is valid MC account
Allow cancelling reporting posts
Remove Minecraft username check in Admin Users tab
Fix editing posts not having any labels selected
Fix undefined Smarty variable
Fix ampersand not displaying correctly
Change config double quotes to single quotes
Fix undefined language variable in password reset
Fix extra pagination page being displayed
Fix 0th page...

Version 1.0.10
Translation updates
Add staff list to Members addon
Improve appearance of forum permissions
Support different forum types, currently categories and discussion forums
Fix alerts redirecting to white screen-
Fix no PM alerts for replies
Fix Minecraft banner issues
Cache TeamSpeak query and add Join button
Allow editing email settings from AdminCP

Version 1.0.11
Add BRL currency to Donate addon
Add custom pages permissions and redirect pages
Improvements to forum permission system
Update to new Twitter widget system
Add username history to profile page
Allow changing Minecraft avatar type
Alert profile owners on wall posts
Allow enabling/disabling custom usernames

Version 1.0.12
Add wells to profile page tabs
Add Minecraft account association
Allow use of wells on custom pages
Fix Twitter feed issues
Fix email config issue
Reinstate cookie notice
Update issue template to 1.0.12
Update translations
Add announcement system
Add user titles
Add option to change Twitter feed style
Add BungeeUtilisals support
Prevent users from liking their own...

Version 1.0.13
Only show .panel-body with subforums if $parent.forums > 0
Removed syntax error in Dutch language translation
Fix incorrect setting name in installer
Update Dutch translation
Update German translation
Update Portuguese translation
Removed HTTPS port from Twitter sharing
Fix Twitter widget height
Add voice server port to TeamSpeak join button

Version 1.0.14
Add webchat and Discord links to readme
Prevent forum index from counting deleted posts
Fix replies not being deleted after topic deletion
Update Dutch translation
Update German translation
Update Norsk translation
Update Portuguese translation
Update Spanish translation
Add checks if the user can view staff applications
Removed "Top voters list coming soon"...

Version 1.0.15
Update API language terms
Improve register API method success message
Fix Buycraft synchronisation
Allow modifying package descriptions within the Donate addon
Fix incorrect link following MCAssoc validation
Update lower case addon name in link
Keep custom package descriptions on donation sync
Remove containers from global messages
Fix incorrect custom avatar size in forums

Version 1.0.16
Prevent directory listing with htaccess
Enable native spellchecker in editor
Update translations
Add Chinese translation
Allow use of \n character in report content
Add ability to customise custom page icons
Display global messages in a container
Fix signin issue with numeric useranmes
Remove extra line from admin forum list
Remove redundant <ul> from navbar...[/spoiler]
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нед авг 07, 2016 5:24 pm

Може ли да ми кажете къде е source файла за интеграция или , ако има интеграция къде е тя?

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нед авг 07, 2016 6:21 pm

Няма интеграция, като цяло системата си работи със собствена форум система.

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нед авг 07, 2016 7:06 pm

[quote="Buzdrev"]Няма интеграция, като цяло системата си работи със собствена форум система.[/quote]

А може ли да се направи интеграция ? И ако може къде е source файла.

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съб яну 07, 2017 12:55 pm

Може ли малко помощ ?
Искам да инсталирам системата но нещо не иска да тръгва излиза някъв EROR
Снимка :) -

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съб яну 07, 2017 5:15 pm

Грешката означава, че данните за MySQL DB са грешни и неможе да се свърже, провери ги отново.


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